These are some of the things that I used to make this website.

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Bootstrap is a web framework that makes creating a responsive website, which looks good on all screen sizes, much easier. There are many themes based off of Bootstrap that you can use to make your website look the way you want it to. I am using a Bootstrap theme called Yeti from Bootswatch.


The main feature of Cloudflare is a CDN, but there are many more features that are included. I use it for SSL/TLS, IPv6 support, DNS, HTTP/2, and other things, all on the free plan. It helps speed up my website and protect it from DDoS and other attacks.

Fort Awesome

Fort Awesome is from the makers of Font Awesome. It includes many different icons, like the ones in the top right of the navigation bar at the top that I think make the website look nicer and more professional.

GitHub Pages

This website is hosted on GitHub Pages. It includes Jekyll which helps with repetitive parts of a website like putting the navigation bar at the top of every page. To update a website with GitHub pages, you just commit the changes to a GitHub repository which makes it easy. As long as you are willing to code the website yourself, GitHub pages is a good free hosting option.


This is where I bought my domain names from. I chose Namecheap because they give good discounts to students at including, at least when I got mine, a free .me domain. This is the only thing on my website that I ended up paying for. I bought two domains (.com and .xyz) in addition to the free .me for only about $6 total for the first year.